Frequently Asked Questions

?How is Mobarrow powered?

Mobarrow is powered by 12 V/26 Ah lead-acid battery

?How long is Mobarrow battery life per each charge?

Working time per charge with norma load „50 kg“ is between 6 – 8 hours

?How many kilometers can Mobarrow travel on a single charge?

It depends on the terrain, the weight of the load and uphill pitch.
Approximately 10 km with a payload of 50 kg with uphill pitch 5%.

?I´m an older person and afraid Mobarrow is travelling too fast.

Certainly not, Mobarrow is set with forward speed 3 – 4, 5 km /h .. This speed is suitable for a smooth ride and  ease of handling.
However, the speed will be slightly reduced with a higher load

?Isn´t Mobarrow rather heavy compared to a conventional wheelbarrow ?

Mobarrow weighs about 10 kg more than a standard barrow with most weight situated on the wheel axis. This minimizes the effort required to operate it, all this with great performance and useage.

?How many kilograms can Mobarrow carry and still be able to deal with an obstacle?

Mobarrow has a maximum load capacity 120 kg and can traverse a vertical barrier up to 20 cm.

?Where can Mobarrow be suitably used ?

Wherever you want to save effort and allow pleasure whilst working. Mobarrow is commonly used in construction, horticulture, vinyards, forestry, agriculture, industry, estates, gardens and property …

?Can Mobarrow be used in a professional capacity ?

Sure,  Mobarrow takes a strong position in all sorts of the professional world. Technical and municipal services, road maintenance, forests and parks, paving & sidewalks, stables and kennels … this is just a small sample of our satisfied users.